[OPEN] Subbing Team

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[OPEN] Subbing Team

Post by Jess on 2015-03-21, 12:00 am

Comment bellow which position your are applying for:
- Korean translator
- editor
- timer
- encoder
- uploader

Translators tasks:
- Translate everything except captions that have the same meaning with the dialogue.
If you have something you want to explain to the viewers like Korean cultural behavior / customs or in jokes you should write a T/N right after the specific line.
- Send the translated file to the editor.

Editors tasks:
- Add the dialogues / captions that the translator has forgotten to translate.
- Edit grammar and spelling errors. 
- Delete all the double lines to make it easier for timer.
- Send the edited file to the timer.

Timers tasks:
- Add in the credits (GFDYsubs)
- If there are two people talking at the same time, combine the two dialogues.
- Send the timed file to the encoder.

Encoders tasks:
- Typeset the captions.
- Save the file as [ENG] Project Name
- Send the file to the uploader.

Uploaders tasks:
- Upload it in either Mediafire / Mega => to download.
- Upload on Dailymotion / Youtube => to watch
- Post the download link in the 'download' thread.

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